Anonymous Drawings 2013
800 international drawings
curated by Anke Becker

exhibition: March 24 - April 20, 2013
opening reception: Saturday 23 / 7 pm

How does one’s own assessment change if there is no information at all about the artist? What is the line between what is and is not art? What is a good drawing? With Anonymous Drawings the common rules of the art-market are reversed in an experimental way turned upside down. Anonymous Drawings was founded 2006 by the artist Anke Becker in Berlin, Germany. Since then, more than 8000 artists from all over the world have taken part in the project and more than ten shows of Anonymous Drawings took place in Berlin and abroad up until today.

The exhibition was preceded by an open call for participation on the internet. 800 works have been selected for the exhibition. The age, biography or gender of the participants did not play any role in the selection: the selection has been made anonymously, without looking at the artists' names. The only formal rule: the maximum size of the exhibited drawings is 30 by 42 cm (A3). The artist's anonymity can only be revealed by a sale: All exhibited drawings are available for a symbolic unit sales-price of 150 Euros each.
With Anonymous Drawings many single pieces of art become one "Gesamtkunstwerk": Each and every anonymous artist becomes part of a huge installation where hierarchies do not exist. Anonymous Drawings is an action against separation, competition and monoculture within the art-market and a tribute to the inexhaustible medium of drawing.

Sale of drawings for a unit sales price of 150 Euro each at the gallery Thursday - Saturday (cash only!) and online from March 24 - April 20, 2103 at: www.anonyme-zeichner.de

A catalog is published along with the exhibition: color print, 102 pages, German/English, 19,50 € - with an essay by Daniela Droescher.  

Kunstverein Tiergarten | Galerie Nord

Turmstraße 75 / 10551 Berlin 
opening hours: Sun March 24: noon-6 pm 
afterwards: Tue - Sat, 1-7 pm
admission free

Thursday, April 11, 7.30 pm
Aufruf zum Dilettieren.Zum Verhältnis von Handwerk und Kunst.
lecture by Christine Ax with following talk / in German language.

Saturday, April 20, 8 pm 
Finissage and film screening: Hidden Treasures – drawing and animation, curated by Bettina Munk ((Lines Fiction) und Björn Hegardt(Fukt Magazine) 

Anonymous Drawings 2013 has been partially financed by a crowdfunding campaign on startnext

Further exhibition dates: Galerie Delikatessenhaus Leipzig,Germany: April 27 – May 18, 2013 / Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven,the Netherlands: May 25 – June, 9, 2013


A n o n y m e
       Z e i c h n e r

office & archive

Uferstrasse 8-11
13357 Berlin

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