Pavillon am Milchhof, April 2016
The exhibition, curated by Jörg Hasheider,  showcases the works of Awst & Walther, Alexine Chanel, Jörg Hasheider, Viola Kamp and Daphna Reves. (...)
All of these works are concerned with the perception of individuals and the change of individual perception in a background that is determined by digital data flows – a discursive and poetic self-assertion of uniqueness in the days of data-mining and self-optimisation.
With  the still rapidly growing possibility of capturing and analysing huge amounts of data and the growing availability of data from on-line trading and on-line communication, the providers of services and producers of goods obtain insight into the individual behaviour of consumers. These consumers are subsumed into relevant or non-relevant groups and receive specially created or modified offers. Aside from commercial aspects, the surveillance of citizens by state-run agencies was largely discussed in the context of the information revealed by Edward Snowden. (...)
 What remains of our ideas of individual freedom and uniqueness being subjected to those processes? What is the methodology behind the subsumption of individuals in groups of specified consumers or suspects and how is it influencing our lives? Are the binary codes, that push these processes, the base of a standardised and codified perception of "world“?
In this discursive context the artists present works that grasp individual aspects and keep them autonomous; show the complexity of everyday life inter-actions, and confront the uniqueness of individuals with their standardisation and codification.
Jörg Hasheider

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